Batwoman Detective comics Good or Bad ???

First off before I get started I just want to say sorry for not updating my blog,  I have been very busy looking for a new job that means I had to put comics aside for a while, also my family was in town so I had to spend time with them, so again I do apologize and I will try and update this more often.   Now lets get to the subject at hand Batwoman Detective comics, when this book first came out I was very excited about it and felt it was worth it  but lately I have just plain dropped it, now I am not really a fan of Greg but his work on Wonder-Woman was really great so I thought I’d give Batwoman a try and this book suffers from too many cliche story plots.   Now Alice is revealed to be the  evil twin sister of Kate Kane…..right there I knew I would not want to buy this anymore, see the whole family drama thing has been done to death in other media that I don’t need to see it again and again.  The artwork is still good but it’s not enough for me to buy the book since I can pretty much predict where this will go, both Alice and her sister Katherine are very bland and boring characters, if you ask me Renee/The Question should have been the main character and Batwoman the back up story,  lets face it we don’t need yet another Batman related character we already have plenty of those, this was a good opportunity to get a lesser know character such as The Question out in the open but yet they had to go with yet another Batman related character who honestly it’s  not needed and is pretty useless.

Now lets get back to the story,  Alice being the evil twin sister is not original nor interesting  in the least bit.  That whole sibling rivalry thing is just over done and is way over exposed why not explore something different for a change?   Also the whole crime bible thing just has to go it really serves no purpose and is a really poor plot tool.    So to wrap this up for all the praise this book gets I feel it’s not deserved maybe it will improve maybe they can make Kate an interesting character,  but right now I am not sold on this book or it’s characters, my verdict for this book is  great art but not near as good of a plot, that seems to be trend nowadays.


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