Spawn 195 fc


So at long last it’s out finally, I am guessing they delayed it for the Image United thing.  Alright so lets get into this book well it was worth the wait Jim is really starting to give into the darker side of himself and doing what Spawn does best taking it hard to bad guys as seen in the cover art.  Speaking of the Art it is simple but yet very detailed in parts, there is a scene in the comic where Spawn comes out of the Grave and another scene where he Jumps on top of a car the art is just awesome.   This issue focuses on a reporter trying to find out what is going on and a new detective who comes to New York and picks a fight with Sam leaving Twitch ( The smarter one) to calm the situation down and get down to business. Eventually Jim returns home after three days and is scolded by Sara for not telling her when he had been for those past three days,  but things really heat up when Judy is captured and Jim goes after her Kidnappers and Judy is stunned when she sees Spawn who kills both her Kidnappers one by impact of landing on the car the other guy by throwing him off a building.   Jim is starting to become reckless by killing people in broad day light like that, but I am sure his actions will have a consequence as they always do in Spawn which why I’ve always like this book.   Well thats my review enjoy some interior art and Look forward to Image united coming soon from IMAGE COMICS.


Spawn 195 p08-09


Spawn 195 p20-21


Spawn 195 p23


2 Responses to “SPAWN 195”

  1. October 28, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    I need to pick this up!!! (Thanks for the interior art Zip, Image United is a must!)

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