Haunt # 1 And Vengeance of moonknight # 2


Ok so it’s finally out, and I have to say I loved it, the art was great the story grabbed me and I can’t wait for the next issue.  If you want to try something new pick this book up I highly recommend it.  I won’t spoil the story for you but all I have to say is don’t expect Spider-man at all with this title despite the similar look  it has with Spider-man which is probably why people didn’t bother with it, and the fact that people seem to have a hate for Todd McFarlane ( which I find stupid) it’s hell of a lot more interesting than you would think.


The worlds most Fucked Up teams up to save themselves from insanity lol.   No but seriously I liked this a more than I did the first issue The Sentry tells Moonknight that if he fucks up he will be there to stop him and Mooknight says the same for Sentry.  My point is both these guys have Major issues last thing they need to do is team up and I am happy they didn’t cause a lot of people could have ended up getting killed and in a harsh way.   So yet again another great book this week  pick it up if you haven’t.

What was your favorite book of the week? leave a comment below.


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