Heroes to Zeroes


So I swore to myself after mid season 3 I was done with this show, season 1 and a good portion of season 2 had me hooked then after that it went downhill.   Now this might be due to the writers strike but still the show was great and it’s ashame to see it go down hill so fast,  I decided to check out what was going on with season 4 with the clips and stuff and I have to say there is no hope for this show.  They turned was a good drama series into a typical Super hero slug fest type of show,  then again Jeff Loeb had some involvement with season 3 and thats  probably a big reason why the show went to hell.

I mean the show had similarities to a comic book but it was a drama series and a good one at that,  my thoughts on this is just cancel it they’ve already milked it for what it’s worth the only reason the show is even still on is for milking the cow, I mean the whole thing with Clair kissing another girl is just a stunt to get more people to watch this train wreck.


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