Bleach 375 review

Bleach 375

 Nice way to treat your allies Aizen

A true Bastard Aizen is.

So the New Chapter of Bleach came out and as usual little happened.   See while I do enjoy Tite Kubos Artwork his way of telling a story is very slow and dull.  Ok in this chapter we get a little history of Stark who is the number one Espada, now it seems that most of the Espada were really working with Aizen due to a partnership of some kind, Aizen saw that Stark was strong and asked him to join his group and stark agreed.  Now fast forward to the present battle and we see that Aizen doesn’t care for any of his so called underlings when he cuts down Halibel the number three Espada and says that they are of no use to him anymore.  Ok my problem with this is if the Espada are so Strong why are they being defeated so easily?   So far the only one’s that have done any real damage are Ulquiorra and Barragan the rest were beaten fairly quickly and easily.   Heck the only Captains that were forced the use their Bankai’s were Soifon and Hitsugaya, another thing is there is just too much going on at once,  I think even Kubo knows this because he is killing off characters in a quick fashion.

I hope when the Anime catches up to the manga that they will go into more detail about the back stories of the Espada,  So my verdict for Bleach is too much fighting going on and not  enough time to get to know the characters.


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    Did you just start up this blog? Awesome. I will add a link to here from our blog home page. Looking forward to see what you do on here.


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